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Commited to serve the society in the field of English medium education since 1973

Message from the Principal

Mark Twain once said, "I never let my schooling interfere with my education.". what he meant wasn't a contradiction but a subtle concept that discerns between what we call education and what education actually is. Owning to today's cut-throat competition, Students are overloaded with the immense pressure to shape up their career and personality alongside eachother. Germination of a mind that has a potential to unleash academic excellence and a rationally intellectual being, has always been a challenge for educational institutions, educationists, parents and teachers for decades. Our present system of education lays a great importance on an elaborate syllabus whereas it often fails to cater the multidimensional need of the hour. MAV school is best known to blend western education system with a blend of eastern values to eradicate the degeneracy. Read more


To make wholesome English medium education affordable across all socio-economic group of society


To reach every corner of society to make quality English medium education available for every income group. Be it the wealthy or the ones with moderate income.


The institution imparts in English medium education, blending Indian culture with scientific knowledge. It fulfils the educational requirements of the deserving, under privileged and talented students.

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